Wortz Consulting is based in Eufaula, Alabama and has served the surrounding communities and states since 1995. Currently, I provide local and semi-regional service to cities as close as Columbus, Georgia, Dothan, Alabama, and as distant as Birmingham, Alabama and Destin, Florida.

Information Technology consulting is most successful when advisory skills, rather than purely technical skills, are stressed. Wortz Consulting expands the definition of IT consulting beyond the "technician-for-hire" model. Technical competence is essential for professional IT consultants, but it is not sufficient. An IT consultant must combine communication, collaboration, and business skills to go beyond being a technician and become a trusted advisor.

When it comes to information technology infrastructure, I don't just advise you on implementation. I actually do the work of planning, installation, configuration, and on-going maintenance and support.

Along with Business IT, I also service schools and houses of worship. With expertise in Computers, Audio/Video and Lighting, I provide unique solutions to schools and churches that require projection systems, audio systems and lighting.

I provide services such as LAN design and installation, WAN implementation, Internet Development, and hardware/software installation and maintenance. If I can be of service to you or your organization, please call me at 334-695-2820 or Email Me at chris@wortzconsulting.com.

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327 East Broad St
Eufaula, AL  36027